We deliver personal and proactive on a channel that works

A breakthrough solution that powers one-to-one customer engagement at scale.

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How you engage your customers matters

Only Relay establishes one-to-one connections on a channel built for personalized experiences. We solve user adoption and engagement challenges right down to the specific customer, something that couldn’t be done with software before. 

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Enterprises must pivot toward delivering proactive, hyperpersonalized content and services when and where a consumer needs or wants them.

Our award-winning customer engagement platform for any industry, use case or function

For Your Industry

Whether you need to reach patients about sensitive prescriptions or onboard new banking customers, we have a solution for your industry.

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For Your Customer Moments

Help your customers get unstuck by delivering personalized solutions at the right time.

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Businesses trust Relay with their most important customer engagement needs

We help businesses understand and apply best practices for customer engagement

Financial Services

Improving mortgage pull-through rates with proactive service


AAA membership renewals jump 17% with Relay solution

Financial Services

Citizens Bank achieves 40% faster student loan application pull-through with millennial banking population

Awards & Recognition

We help businesses understand and apply best practices for customer engagement


Health Plan Member Engagement Is All In the Pocket for Payers

How to Increase Your NPS Score With Ongoing Customer Engagement

Improve Member Onboarding With These 5 Quick Wins

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