Integration Suite

Rest easy knowing that our suite of APIs and flexible integration options will work with your existing tech stack.


API Integration

Complements your
existing tech stack

CRMs, Customer Support Platforms (CSPs), and marketing automation systems can be valuable for campaign-based programs where customers have already opted in to receive communications. Relay complements and enhances these platforms by automating the on-boarding and consent process for new and existing customers — then providing a unique mobile user interface, Relay’s Customer Feed, that greatly improves ongoing engagement.

Quick Launch

Accelerates your

Building a modern digital infrastructure is an ongoing process for businesses. Relay allows you to achieve immediate, significant improvements to the customer experience without forcing you to upgrade or replace your core systems. And unlike legacy systems, where functionality is limited and a customer experience can take weeks to update, with Relay you can build new workflows in just minutes to close any gaps in the customer journey.

Ready now

Meets you at any
stage of readiness

Whether you’re looking to augment your digital capabilities, fill gaps in your customer experience, or leapfrog to the next stage of your digital transformation, Relay meets you at any stage of technical readiness. Our flexible integration options mean Relay fits into how you already work. Use Relay as a standalone tool or, using our suite of APIs, deploy it in conjunction with your existing CRM, marketing automation, or customer support platforms.

With our API Suite, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3


Onboarding API

Get your program running quickly, and invite customers instantly, with our simple Onboarding APIs


Messaging API

Send timely, personalized experiences on the Customer Feed with our Messaging APIs


Results API

Easily get all the results on how your program is performing with our Results APIs



Collect mobile numbers and consent; activate your connections

Customer Feed™

Send SMS notifications and engage customers with an ongoing feed

CX Builder™

Quickly create and manage automated, guided customer experiences

Integration Suite

Easily integrate with your existing suite of customer engagement tools