Customer experience is quickly becoming the new competitive battleground in nearly every industry, including healthcare.

As more patient interactions and transactions shift to mobile phones, it’s imperative that healthcare enterprises find new ways to connect and engage with customers digitally. The leading health insurer in the Philadelphia region had invested in great content and technology to help members manage their health, but it needed to find more effective ways to drive utilization, medical adherence, and adoption.

The team knew it needed a new approach to member engagement. In 2013 it turned to Relay Network to establish a secure, digital connection with every member on a secure HIPAA-compliant mobile communication channel. With a connection in place, the health insurer enhanced its member engagement programs with a new ability to deliver proactive, personalized experiences to better educate customers during critical moments in their healthcare journey.

Relay has given the health insurer an incredible opportunity to improve the member relationship, increase adherence, find efficiencies for large national customers, and establish a winning solution over competitors.