Despite its massive investments in digital technologies and communication channels, a leading U.S. based energy provider was struggling with customer satisfaction and retention. To stay ahead of their competition, the provider had to create a new digital solution that would prioritize the customer experience while driving more fixed plan renewals in a cost efficient manner. Failure to renew such plans automatically defaulted customers over to variable rate plans, often resulting in high rates of churn.


In order to increase renewals of customers on fixed rate plans, leadership firmly believed the answer started and ended with how they connect with their customers. With the help of Relay’s mobile user adoption technology, the provider quickly established a private, secure, and digital connection to a large percentage of its customer base. Armed with a innovative new channel for frictionless customer service and actionable communications, the energy provider drastically exceeds its goal of efficiently driving fixed plan renewals at a higher rate, preventing switches to higher churn variable rate plans.