Our CEO Makes His Prediction for Marketers in 2017

Our CEO and co-founder Matt Gillin was asked to share his predictions on what will be important for marketers to consider in the new year.

Companies will be more discerning about where they deploy chatbots

In 2017, businesses will hesitate to use chatbots on Facebook. Chatbots have immense potential, and as they improve, more and more companies will adopt them to enhance their customer experience. But 2017 is when businesses will get smarter about the use of this technology: they will hesitate to use them on third-party properties like Facebook, instead, applying them on their own websites and private channels, as appropriate. This will be driven by a desire to secure customer data, especially in regulated industries like banking and healthcare, and prevent the Facebooks of the world from profiting from it. In an age where more than half of adults don’t trust Facebook with their data, the platform on which chatbots are used becomes even more important.

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