The student loan application process has many steps so drop-off rates are high. Citizens Bank, a leader in the private student loan market, relied on a combination of email and direct mail to notify applicants and co-applicants of critical next steps but messages got lost in cluttered inboxes and piles of unopened mail. In 2014, Citizens Bank turned to Relay to more effectively notify applicants when they had important items that required action, and then re-engage those who had fallen out of the process.


Citizens Bank was quickly approaching lending season, so it needed something that could be in market within days. Relay designed a solution that got every applicant connected to Citizens Bank at the moment an application is initially credit approved online, and tapped into its existing automated email system to trigger messages to applicants at critical moments during the application lifecycle.


Solution went live
within 30 days

Connected to 85% of
borrowers on Relay

10% increase in
completed applications

Accelerated application
completion by 1 day (40%)

Lifelong relationship management tool for future banking decisions

Expanded Relay program to additional refinancing and student borrowing products


Citizens Bank launched Relay to become digitally connected with each and every one of our student loan applicants at the moment the application is credit approved. Relay creates a secure, direct line of one-to-one communication between us and our customers, which has been impactful on our pull-through rates.