Transform Your Marketing Approach and Gain a Customer for Life

Brie Tascione
Brie Tascione

At a critical moment in my junior year of college, I was rushing to print an assignment on a deadline when my HP ink cartridge broke.

Even though the issue was my fault, HP sent a new cartridge without hesitation.

No transferring me between departments, no upsell on a different model — it just sent it. Overnight.

I have bought nothing but HP products ever since.

A Forced Evolution

Now, as a CMO, it’s my job to attract and keep customers for life. Throughout my career, I’ve thought a lot about how that HP service representative accomplished this for the company without realizing it.

It’s made me understand that as marketers we are often too focused on just that — marketing.

We live in a post-campaign world. Consumers are less influenced by deals and catchy ads, but care deeply about their ongoing experience with brands. In our connected, data-driven world, consumer expectations for brand interactions are higher than ever.

That’s a good thing. As businesses, we change for the better when we’re forced to evolve, innovate and listen to our customers.

If marketers can think less about traditional marketing and more about ensuring that every brand interaction is meeting or exceeding consumer expectations, we’ll be more likely to win and keep customers for life.

A Great Experience is an Easy Experience

“Good experiences” can mean a lot of different things, but I have found at least one common through line: they are easy.

When you ask customers what is the most important thing businesses can do to win their loyalty, “make it easy for me” is what they come back to. More than your brand, product or price, making it easy for customers to do business with you is the No. 1 driver of loyalty. Convenience is the new key driver behind customer loyalty, and marketing is not exempt from these demands.

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