Our First Podcast Interview! Relay CEO Matt Gillin Discusses Startups and Entrepreneurship

Last week, our CEO and Co-Founder Matt Gillin was interviewed on the Mixergy podcast.  Matt joined Andrew Warner, Mixergy’s founder Andrew Warner to dive deep into his past as a proven, successful entrepreneur.  The conversation features the challenges Matt faced as well as the various lessons learned, some of which were uncovered through fascinating stories that Matt shared during the hour long interview.

Through Mixergy and its associated podcast, Andrew has conducted over 1,000 interviews, asking big questions to dig deep into the success and failures of business founders and thought leaders to help his audience “learn from proven entrepreneurs”.  He’s interviewed the CEOs of Groupon, Zappos, Reddit, and Dropbox (and now Ecount and Relay!!) to provide a forum where successful people can teach ambitious upstarts.

Check out the full interview here on Mixergy’s website, give it a listen by searching “Mixergy” on your favorite podcast app, or click to watch below.

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