Meet the Team: Joe

We hire such amazing people that we want to share a little bit about them. Joe is part of our Business Development team and has been with Relay for a little over 4 years. We pulled him away the phone to ask a few questions.

Tell me about your career path and how you got to Relay.
I started working at Relay out of college. I started a t-shirt company in college and was speaking with Matt Gillin, our CEO, about it before I graduated and he wanted to bring me in for an interview. So I came in a couple times, was able to learn about what a start-up is like and that really interested me.

How do you spend your free time outside of Relay?
I like to travel when I can. Like to ski, like to play basketball, sail, bike around Philly.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Relay?
I like the start-up environment. It’s not like most companies where there’s all these processes in place that you have to learn and adapt to. You’re kinda creating your processes for your own department. We’re creating our own processes for our current state, not what was good a year ago, not a month ago, not even what was good a week ago; it’s what’s best for us right now. I buy into that, I think that’s cool.

What’s your favorite song right now?
A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall by Leon Russell. I’ll give you $10 if you can tell me the scene they play it during in Remember the Titans.

What’s the best book you’ve read or movie you’ve watched recently?
A book I’m reading right now that I’d suggest to everybody is called The Achievement Habit. It’s by a Stanford professor that goes into a different line of thinking, a different way to really teach yourself to learn how to do rather than just talk. Gives you life lessons, gives you a lot of things you can take into your work life and personal life. It’s been awesome.

What’s something your coworkers might not know about you?
I’m the best backgammon player this world has ever seen.*

What’s your go-to place to eat nearby?
Chipotle. Definitely Chipotle. It’s the best value. If I don’t get Chipotle for lunch I’m starving after. It’s the only thing that satisfies my hunger for the price.†

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?
Well horses are amazingly powerful animals. 100 of them at any size, that’s gotta be tough. I’m gonna go with the master video-game boss horse-sized duck. I think I can take that guy down. He’s gonna waddle around. I can outsmart him.

What would the name of your debut album be?
Adventure Hunting.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Philly?
Recently I’ve been biking around Philly a lot. The city is really big and there’s a lot of bars and parks to check out. I like checking out places I haven’t seen.

What’s your favorite word?

What’s your least favorite?

Tell me about your best birthday celebration.
A simple one. On the beach with a few friends, a few beers, and a full stomach.

If you could only keep five possessions what would they be?
My skis. My truck. My bike. I gotta be able to get around. My grandfather was a pilot in WWII and my dad gave my his wings. Aaaaaaand my favorite t-shirt. Whichever one it is at the time.

What was the best trip you’ve taken recently?
I love skiing so my trip out to Colorado last winter. Beaver Creek.

Rapid fire:
Coffee or tea?
Day or night?
Books or movies?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Ketchup or mustard?
Ninjas or pirates?
Cats or dogs?
Telepathy or teleportation?
Spring or fall?
Sweet or savory?
Truth or dare?

Any final words?
Trust the process.

*The validity of this statement has not been fact-checked in any way.
†This interview is in no way sponsored by the good people at Chipotle but we’re open to it. Let’s talk.

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