The Channels More Customers Want For Communication

For businesses to create loyal customers in today’s convenience-driven battleground, they need a more efficient way to direct customers to suggested solutions, tools and actions throughout the customer journey. A big part of that: how customers want to communicate with brands.

(Part 2 of an interview conducted by BizReport’s Kristina Knight with Relay CMO Brie Tascione)

Kristina: Are there contact channels that consumers prefer for branded communication?

Brie Tascione, CMO, Relay Network: In an effort to meet evolving customer expectations and reduce costs, businesses have introduced a multitude of self-service tools on a multitude of channels — native apps, social, portals, messaging apps, and chatbots were all designed to make things easier for customers, but have just added complexity. With so many choices, customers are left confused about where to go, when. All the noise and confusion is pushing consumers to a tipping point: they are abandoning apps in droves, Facebook Messenger bots show a 70 percent failure rate, and 57 percent of inbound calls come from customers who went to the company’s website first for help.

Brands aren’t meeting their customer’s needs just by adding more channels. They need to ensure that the right customer is directed to the right channel to solve their issue at the right time.

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